BYOD & Employee Choice

Bring your own device to work (BYOD) is becoming a popular choice in the workplace as mobile working and iPad use increases.

Today, most people use mobile devices and computers at home. And they’re comfortable with what they use – because they’ve chosen that equipment themselves.

When they have to work on out-of-date, unfamiliar computers and devices at work, it causes headaches for staff, inefficiencies in the IT department and low productivity all round.

So why not ask them to bring their equipment into the office? Or why not let them choose what they want to work on and help them purchase it?

Many of your employees are probably already working on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops anyway so wouldn’t it be better to retain some control whilst offering a great incentive to staff? Your staff will be responsible for maintenance and support of their own devices, freeing up your IT department to focus on larger technological goals.

We can provide manageable financing, leasing, purchasing and support options to you and your staff, with expert guidance on how to manage and integrate the scheme into your current IT set-up securely. If you’d like to trial the scheme, we can also help you set up a pilot to assess the feasibility of employee-choice and BOYD in your company.

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