Mac in Business

Mac in Business

Increase productivity with powerful built-in tools that enhance collaboration.

Mac. Makes a smart investment. apple-repairs
The Mac can provide a good return on investment by boosting productivity, leveraging existing investment and enabling creation of compelling business marketing. Built-in powerful tools enable you to seamlessly access and organise your data and applications and perform essential business tasks. Rock-solid reliability and integrated security against viruses make for significant cost savings on IT backup. Delivering real value to your business.

Increase productivity.
Integrated hardware and software are engineered to work perfectly together, giving superior performance. Features like Calendar and Contacts, and Address Book — all compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server — mean you can streamline your everyday activities. Plus many other powerful built-in tools like FaceTime ensure seamless communication, making business collaboration more effective.

Leverage existing investment.
Macs fit into existing environments, including Windows-based security environments, without purchase of additional software. You can even run Windows on a Mac. Out-of-the-box tools like Launchpad and Mission Control give rapid intuitive access to your data and applications.

Rock-solid reliability.
Focus resources and time on the essentials. Save precious business time by reducing calls to help desks. Or self-manage your IT. Either way, the Mac can represent considerable cost savings through reduced downtime, fewer crashes, and integrated security protecting Macs from the thousands of viruses that plague PCs.

The Mac advantages make for a smart investment. Increasing productivity, collaborating without barriers, seamless integration and outstanding performance, plus impressive marketing possibilities, combine to make the Mac ideal for business.

Crescent provides the expert knowledge, infrastructure and support your business needs to seamlessly integrate Apple technology. With active directory integration, tailored Wi-Fi solutions, Cloud services and finance options to make it all more affordable than you could have imagined, we’ll make your move to Apple easy.

Mac & Windows Integration

Need to learn about using a Mac with Active Directory?

How about using Mac OS X Server with Windows clients, Cross-platform file sharing and Exchange server connecting to native Mac clients for email, contacts and calendar?

Why not find out what Crescent can do for your organisation, with over 20 years experience and a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. Once fully integrated, Mac OS X can help deliver some of the following benefits:

  • • Be fully controlled and must abide by the AD password policies.
  • • Have single sign-on access to the AD network through Kerberos.
  • • Utilise network-based home directories, local home directories, or a combination of the two called Portable Home Directories, which are similar to roaming profiles on Windows.
  • • Integrating AD with Mac OS X Server allows Windows-based departments to take advantage of file sharing and other services in Mac OS X Server, while using their existing AD infrastructure for identification and authentication. Secure network services (including network home directories) hosted on Mac OS X Server also support single sign-on for both Mac OS X and Windows clients.

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