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Technology moves fast and it takes effort to stay on top of it to fully understand the opportunities it can bring to schools and colleges.  It can be difficult for teachers to find the time to do that, along with their day-to-day responsibilities. So to get the most out of iPad and Mac we provide Apple Professional Development training.

All Professional Development facilitators are educators themselves. That gives them a unique view: they know what’s important in the classroom, so they can ensure that you learn about your Apple products and how they can best serve you and your students. We have created workshops in the following categories:

Getting Started

Focused on technology skills, these foundational workshops help teachers become confident and comfortable integrating Apple products into their teaching strategies.

Doing More

These curriculum-focused workshops help teachers apply their skills with Apple products to specific areas and disciplines to produce effective personal learning for their students.


These workshops for school leaders and Education decision-makers focus on issues important to success — visioning/planning, implementing/managing and designing curricula.

The Apple Regional Training Centre programme helps teachers bring learning to life with digital technology and features an array of modules and courses to give teachers the tools they need to meet demanding academic standards and deliver innovative, engaging teaching to their students.

The training covers four key areas of Apple in education:

•    Digital Literacy
•    Technology Infused Learning
•    Leadership Development
•    Consulting Services

Depending on your needs, our accredited Apple trainers can deliver your training in single or multi-day workshops, designed to build your teacher skills in technology.

Created by educators for educators, they include design elements from recent research and current best practice, based on guidelines for effective professional development.

Further information can be found on our Technical Workshops page or contact us with your enquiry.

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