Mobile Device Management

The explosion of mobile devices and applications along with the shift to digital content creates a critical need for a mobile device management solution tailored to education.

Crescent is helping schools embrace the next generation of learning with educational apps, iBooks and learning content on mobile devices.

With increasing numbers of mobile devices in education it can be incredibly difficult to control and manage the security of all the devices. With our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution you can track all mobile assets across your institution, configure policies and settings, distribute apps and secure access to school networks and resources all through our web-based console.

Our solution allows IT administrators to ensure devices are compliant with school policies and monitor violations in real time. This empowers you to maximize your mobile investment by increasing IT efficiency and reducing costs associated with managing mobility.

Benefits of MDM

• Deploy a broad range of personal, school or lab devices

• Track all mobile assets deployed across campus

• Configure consistent policies, settings and restrictions

• Enable secure access to school networks and resources

• Distribute and manage in-house or purchased apps

• Secure distribution and mobile access to educational content

• Enable shared devices with multi-user management

• Remotely wipe school assets from compromised devices

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